Welcome to VW and Beetle OLDSPEED universe

I guess you can say that you belong to OLDSPEED when you have a stock 50's or 60's (maybe even 70's) Beetle / Karmann Ghia / Bus but with an engine upgrade. The upgrade has to be the correct period, so he has to come from the same period too.

You'll find on this site:
* Advertising from the 50's and the 60's
* EMPI brochures / catalogs
* EMPI advertising on Foreign Car Guide
Last but not least, the RARE ACCESORIES DATABASE is a huge database with accessories from the 50's abd the 60's and and their price on ebay!

And finally last topics:
NOS Empi Collection
The Shorrock is finaly here!
Hotwheels Collection


I (finally) worked on the code for the page on "all the cars I used to own"
better code that read automatically pictures from a folder

I Hope you'll have fun on this site


My beetle have a new friend...

August 2005 : Das Dag Day 3

1200 Judson VS Wacky racer (x2 28 PCI solex + okarasa camshaft replica)
Picture taken from https://aircooledvwstuff.skynetblogs.be/

May 2005 : The biggest VW show in France : Super VW National

We had our own "Nostalgia" display

european Bug-in 2007
JULY 2007 : First European Bug.In 2007. No comments :-) (tx Fred)
What's new?
- 1993 Porsche 964 RS America

NEW : Gallery of all the car I owned

Link to the most beautiful oldspeed vw / Link to the most complete list of rarest accessories for vw (with prices)

Last UPDATE : 6 June 2019

21/05/2018: New pictures of 997 GT3 and 1992 964 Turbo 3.3
18/01/2018: Website is now in Https
01/01/2017: New pictures of Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1
/12/2012: New pictures of my BMW M3 e30
04/04/2012: New pictures of the Shorrock Supercharger
01/03/2012: New hot wheels collection added

08/02/2012: Hot wheels page added
06/11/2008 : New pixture of my 67 mustang and my my 65 beetle engine rebuild process
23/08/2007 : Add NOS Empi gauge on rarest accessories category
23/08/2007 : Update hazet tool box price on rarest accessories category
09/10/2006 : Update of ebay prices on several items
02/02/2006 : New price for racetrim Breather Box oldspeed
02/02/2006 : Updated of some items
27/11/2005 : New 1973 EPMI catalog scan
27/11/2005 : New 1958 EMPI catalog scan
30/10/2005 : New price : EMPI small tin car (1970)
30/10/2005 : October 1961 Foreign car guide front page
30/10/2005 : New price : empi magnesium oil sum
17/09/2005 : New scanned 19670 and 1970 EMPI catalog

16/08/2005 : New 1966 1300 In the oldspeed Gallery
26/06/2005 : New item : Saphir I radio
26/06/2005 : New item : Fuse kit EMPI
26/06/2005 : New category ! Hella manufacturer
26/06/2005 : new item : EMPI points and condenser 80's
26/06/2005 : new item EMPI break light
26/06/2005 : Update of various pricesin the price list section
13/06/2005 : New Empi documentation kings of the road by empi

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