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Welcome everyone to this website that will focus on original accessories for Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Bus and the oldspeed upgrade for your engine

I guess you can say that your car or bus is OLDSPEED when you have a stock 50's or 60's (maybe even 70's) Beetle / Karmann Ghia / Bus but with an engine upgrade.

The upgrade has to be the correct period, so he has to come from the same period too.

Some names will ring a bell;
Judson Supercharger, Okrasa (Oettinger Kraftfahrtechnische Spezial Anstalt), Shorrock Supercharger, Empi, Speedwell Sprint Kit, Pepco, Mag...

oldspeed W Frank Edmondson Karmann Ghia

The best-known Judson VW ever, taken in 1960.
It was owned by W Frank Edmondson of South Carolina and having bought the Ghia in 1959, took just a few days to realise this was no street performer.

He settled on a Judson Supercharger upgrade and over the next couple of years racked up 38 シ mile class wins.

So pleased was Frank with his Judson he wrote a letter of thanks to the Judson Company and they used his testimony and pictures of the car in a promotional leaflet included in every Judson Kit for a number of years. (from John Moxon)

What's new?

I (finally) worked on the code for the page on "all the cars I used to own". The code now read automatically pictures from a folder

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You'll find on this website (please check the top bar menu):

Advertising from the 50's and the 60's, EMPI catalogs and Foreign Car Guide covers.
Last but not least, the RARE ACCESORIES DATABASE is a huge database with accessories from the 50's and the 60's

And finally last topics:NOS Empi Collection, The Shorrock is finaly here! and my Hotwheels Collection

Red Porsche Speedster

Porsche 997 GT3 and VW 1965 Beetle

Judson Supercharger vs okrasa August 2005 : Das Dag Day 3 1200 Judson VS Wacky racer (x2 28 PCI solex + okarasa camshaft replica)

Judson supercharger 18eme super vw nat meeting May 2005 : The biggest VW show in France : Super VW National
We had our own "Nostalgia" display

https://www.oldspeed.net/images_cox/bugin_2007.jpg JULY 2007 : First European Bug.In 2007. No comments but you are the best Fred

1992 Porsche RS America red

1965 beetle rack bike carrying mountain bike

1964 Karmann Ghia 2387cc motor My 64 Karmann with a 2387cc engine! I traded it for a 77 Porsche 911

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