VW Abarth Exhaust / Muffler

Carlo Abarth started his business in the fifties, he made his fortune and fame with the production of his famous Abarth exhaust systems for almost every make. Production in 1956: 100.000 units, 1959: 164.607 units, 1967: 365.000 units

In 1955, VW decided that 2 exhausts was better than one. Abarth continued the reasoning by proposing a pot with 4 exhaust outlets! The sound of an Abarth pot is much more serious, more sport ... There are pots for 1200-1300, 1500 and type 3. It is extremely difficult today to find original Abarth pots. Currently, only the Japanese manufacturer flat4 offers reproductions.

Abarth claimed that it increased engine power up to 50 per cent taking acceleration to 60mph from 32 to 16 seconds :-)

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Pour 1300/1500 : Type 11 Type 13, Type 14, Type 15 ( Année 1973)

1973 VW abarth exaust
 Pour 1500 :
original VW abarth exaust for 1500      original abarth sticker on VW exaust type III


    advertising 1961 abarth exaust

 advertising 60's abarth exaust 

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