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This is my beloved 65

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* Full EMPI instrumentation (Mechanical gauges for oil temperature and oil pressure + ampere meter + Tachometer) -> link to EMPI catalog
* Motometer 2 in 1
* Empi Eliminator Shifter
* Empi Door sill guards + Door Corner Guards + Door Pillar Guard -> link to EMPI catalog
* Empi Head Rests (Tx Guillaume) -> link to EMPI catalog
* GHE Handle
* Speedometer with trip counter
* Empi Glove Box Door Pull -> link to EMPI catalog
* Door Latch Cover -> Link to EMPI catalog
* Empi Custom Deep Dish steering wheel -> link to EMPI catalog
* Kamei accelerator Pedal Cover -> link to EMPI catalog
* Kamei Rear Shelf
* Kamei "fog remover"
* Blaukpunt Radio
* Das Drag 3, Bug in 33, European Big-In 1, 20 Super VWNational Dash Plaques
* Saint Christopher (It was used in the Renault 5 of my Grand Parents in the 70's) :-)


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