1998 BMW M5 E39 5.0

The E39 M5 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1998. Many regard it to be the finest “saloon” chassis of all time. It’s almost exclusively regarded as the greatest M5 of all time.

BMW took used the basics of its 4.4 liter engine and bumped it up to 5.0 liters (BMW says 5, but it’s really 4.9), giving it 400 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque (500 Nm), and a 7,000 rpm redline.
Mated to a 6-Speed manual and a limited-slip differential, the M5 was a monster. A monster that can hit 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. A car that could hit 60 in under 5.0 seconds in 1998 was bordering on supercar performance

Unsurprisingly, the E39 also saw the introduction of dynamic stability control and automatic stability control. In total 20,482 E39s were built.

1998 BMW M5 E39 Brochure advertising print paper

I know people say that the M5 E39 was the best of all M5

but I never really loved it. The ride was too hard sor a saloon car. At least for me. It's a damn berline, not a 2 seats sport coupe!

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