1988 BMW M3 E30 US Spec

4 Cylinders 2.0 - 195 H.P

The E30 M3 is the BMW Motorsport-developed version of the E30 3 Series.
Its S14 four-cylinder powerplant is a further development of the M10 unit and was chosen because of its compact dimensions.

The chassis is based on the basic E30 3 Series design but has been thoroughly reworked by BMW Motorsport in every significant area. The reshaped body shares few panels with other E30 3 Series models. (from https://bmwmregistry.com)

I was dreaming of a M3 E30 since I saw one in Nice in the mid 90's. They were so expensive that I never thought I will be able to buy one

I drove a lot my M3 during the week-end. Going to the Zoo, the Aquarium or the Animal farm with my young daughter

However I decided to sell the M3 E30 when I bought the Lancia Integrale Evo. The car is currently in Italy and the new owner is doing a full restoration!

The BMW M3 did fail to impress me however. The lack of torque at low RPM make the M3 E30 not so thrilling to drive on open roads. The chassis is truly fantastic but yon don't have enough H.P or torque (same think as Porsche 944)

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