1973 1/2 Porsche 911 T Sportomatic

6 Cylinders 2.4L

Interesting fact about the 73 1/2 911T, First model to switch to CIS (Continuous Injection System) from MFI (Mechanical Fuel injection)

It was a relatively simple system when compared to that of the end-of-the-line CIS on the '83 SC. By the '84 model year, the CIS was history, being replaced by the Motronic Digital Motor Electronics.

1973.5 CIS engine

This particular car is also a rare sportomatic
the Sportomatic gearbox, introduced by Zuffenhausen in 1967 and based on the 905 unit, was an effectively clutch-less manual system that allowed the driver to change gear by simply pulling the gear lever through its standard H-pattern movement.

This allowed the car to come to a halt without the engine stalling or the driver having to physically engage neutral.  Due to the torque converter, there was no mechanical connection between the engine and gearbox. Therefore, a ‘Park’ mode was added to lock the lay shaft when the car was parked.
Confusingly, Sportomatic gears were labeled L, D, D3, and D4.
L (‘Low’) was similar to a standard first manual ‘box’s first gear however, Porsche encouraged using D to pull away unless on a steep incline or inclement weather. ‘D’ and ‘D3’ (note no ‘D2’) were slightly shorter ratios than second and third in a standard unit, however ‘D3’ was slightly longer, acting as an overdrive.

The color is amazing, yellow gold metalic and the condition of this car is really good

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