1991 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 Pre Production Model, 210 Hp
Chassis 00538515 - MVS 111 932 3 - Engine number 1250339

This car has a very interesting story. It's a pre-production model Evo 1 build the 24th July 1991

You can see the date of production on this document sent by Fiat (Owner of Lancia)

The official introduction of the Evo was at the Frankfurt '91 Motorshow (12-22 OCtober 1991)
In the press book, Lancia mentioned that the official date of lauch of the Evo will be October 1991 in Italy
So far, I never saw an Evo with a build date before October 1991 (well except mine)

The first owner of the car was "Giovanni Agnelli". According to the research from Walkers, it was normal for pre-prodcution cars and protoype to be registred under the name of owner of Fiat Group

The car stayed at the factory until 1994.
In the service books,  Walkers  Garage wrote that the car was sold initially the 22/04/1994 (in Italy)?
Also in the service book, there is a pre-delivery service the 20/08/98 at 64360 km. I believe it’s when the car arrived in UK

Now for the exterior and Interior:

The original specification of the car was exterior color 155 and interior color 816
Color 155 is Monza Red and 816 is Grey Alcantara
As you can see in the pictures, the car has beige evo 2 Recaro Seats, Beige moquette, but black leather door panels (like on the leather option seats) and black alcantara roof

Even more interesting, the Recarro seat are geniune Evo2 seat but their date of production is November 1991

To my understanding, the first Hi-back Recarro seats were seen in the Martini 5 in 1992

There is also an EVo2 steering wheel Momo Corse like in the York

The car is fully optioned:
* A/C (no sun roof)
* Split rear seat (option?)
* Able to Adjust the height of the headlight inside the car


* The badge “HF World Rally Champion” like on the Verde York (The first limited edition)

* The fuel cap is “aluminum” like on an evo 2 and not black

However roof guts are black like Evo 1

The rims are 16" but they are obsouly replica and not original rims

Original stickers for a 91 model

Made in France :-)

So I can see only 2 reasons why the interior and exterior are different from a Gray Alcantara Evo 1

1) When the factory sold the car in 94, they installed some parts left they have to "upgrade it". Look like they did not have any more beige door panels :-)
2) The car was sold with the original Gray Alcantara seats but someone along the way installed real Evo 2 Steering wheel, real beight Hi-back seats, beige moquette and some stickers

Walkers seems to favor the option 1) but who knows really?

Abyway this car is still a pre production model as it was build Before october 1991
And it's going to be the first Evo 1 legally imported in the US (>25 years old)


I have been waiting 20 years to own my first Integrale, she is staying in the family.... :-)

More pictures....

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